The reuse of towels during the stay is encouraged
Customers can give up daily cleaning service
We have low consumption showers/artichokes
We have tap filters that reduce water consumption
We have double glazed windows
We have LED lighting in common areas
We renew lighting of rooms by LED ilumination
We renew electricity with movement/presence sensor
Electric vehicle charging station
Rental of bicycles and electric vehicles
Parking for bicycles and electric vehicles
We have a green area in the Hotel (Garden) of more than 2000 m2
We have an organic garden for growing aromatic herbs
Heat pump units that use CO2 as a refrigerant
We offer information to the client through QR Codes
We have recycling bins for internal use
We separate the waste to give a second life
We remove single use amenities and replace them with dispensers
Digitization to minimize printing and reduce paper consumption
We remove plastic cups
We replace plastic pens with wooden pencils
We remove the use of plastic bottles at events
We reduce the use of plastic pods in breakfasts for bulk products